[NTLK] Toshiba Protage M205-S810 question

Ross Deihm adventuresindining at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 17:10:03 EDT 2012

I have a Toshiba Tablet, but have had no luck getting Unbuntu to load at
all. It's an older model, and maybe there in lies the problem, along with
my general weak knowledge of the software. However, the tablets size,
weight and general dimensions never facilitated even being useful as a pen
based data system. As a matter of fact, even writing on a glowing surface
proved to be uncomfortable on my eyes. I ended up, like most tablet users
I've talked with, using it as a laptop nearly all the time.

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 4:28 PM, Lloyd Conway <doc_retro at juno.com> wrote:

> Hello, All:
>     I just won a Toshiba tablet PC on eBay to supplement (not replace!) my
> MP 120 and eMate as a portable writing platform.  It's running Ubuntu 11.10
> and that OS is supposed to be stylus-freindly.  I was wondering if any of
> you had any experience with it, or with a similar model.  Thanks in advance
> for sharing.
> Regards,
> -Lloyd Conway
>  Charlotte, Michigan
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