[NTLK] eMate

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 14 11:51:44 EDT 2012


>You can tell if the hinge has failed by how soft the lid feels when you open and 
>close it. If the >lid feels really loose when you open it, if it doesn't stay 
>open at 1/2 or less, and seems to 
>close without resistance...

A teardown might not be a bad idea at this point because, either way, it would 
be a good idea to either A) preserve an intact ribbon cable or B) fix a broken 

Frank Gruendel has detailed teardown instructions on his website: 


If you don't want to do the teardown yourself, there are a few people on the 
list who might still be offering the hinger repair.  I'm not sure who, exactly, 
at this point, but a shout out to the list will tell you.

Alternately, you might consider purchasing a replacement unit from Stefan 
Thorsteinson (who is currently offering them for $20 each).  However, he has a 
limited number of units available and he might already be sold out.  It's also 
worth mentioning that acquiring another eMate will still require you (or 
someone) to perform the hinge repair on it in order to keep it in operating 


James Fraser

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