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James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 16 00:58:43 EDT 2012


>Since its been a long time since i've used one, what packages do you  
>recommend.  I've tried Avi's backdrop but thought that it used too much screen  

>space. any recommendations for must haves ?

Backpak: simple launch utility.  Make Backpak the "backdrop" application and use 

it, not the Extras drawer, to launch apps. (Description cribbed from Clay 

Found in UNNA under applications/backdrops size: 12KB

Card Eject: just like it sounds.  Allows you to safely eject a card.

UNNA under /utilites [sic] size: 9KB

Extra Extras 1.3: adds three new actions to the Extras Drawer's action button: 
get info, freeze, and thaw.  Description: UNNA

UNNA /utilites/system_enhancements size: 9KB

Newt'sBattery™: There are many, many battery-monitoring utilities for the 
Newton; this happens to be the one I use.  196KB

Found here: http://visualnewt.com/Products/newton/

...alongside Newt'sBrot™, a Mandelbrot application for the Newton that, while 
being hugely entertaining, runs mind-numbingly slowly (it renders 
line.....by.....line) and should only be played with if you have lots of extra 
time (and lots of extra batteries, too).  376KB

Trashpak: allows you to remove Packages and Soups from either the internal store 

or the PCMCIA card. (Description cribbed from Clay Irving/Panix.com)

UNNA /utilites 37KB

Timer 2.0: let's you count seconds/minutes/hours either forwards or backwards.  
Great tool to use when you don't want to oversteep your tea. :)

UNNA /utilites/alarms-clocks-timers 15KB

and finally:

Ttime: very simple, very basic, very me.  All this does is put a floating clock 
into the upper left-hand corner of your MessagePad; from there, you can drag it 
wherever you wish.  Personally, I place Ttime over the label "Dates" in the 
menu bar so I have a clock that a) doesn't obscure anything else and b) I can 
glance at no matter what application I happen to be in.  The "T" in "Ttime" 
stands for "tiny," and the clock will fit over the word "Dates" almost exactly.

(Sorry to wax so enthusiastic about this last one.  While Dashboard, too, puts a 

clock in the menu bar, it also puts a bunch of other stuff in the menu bar, 
stuff you might not want or need.  In my case, all I needed was a tiny floating 
clock, and Ttime is exactly that.)

Ttime is found here: http://www.unna.org/incoming/   size: 8KB

Note: the zip file contains both Ttime 1.3 and 1.4; be sure to only install 

1.4 for NOS 2.0

I'm guessing that most (if not all) of these are old hat by now around here, but 
with any luck, you might find one or two that are of use; I hope so. 


James Fraser

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