[NTLK] Shipping prices from Germany

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Apr 17 16:09:50 EDT 2012

> Since you've just had an MP130 shipped from the EU, can you and/or Frank 
> Gruendel comment on the approximate cost of shipping MP1x0s and MP2x00s
> between the US and the EU?

Worldwide shipping from Germany using DHL:

EUR  3.45 Package up to  500g, no insurance
EUR  7.00 Package up to  500g, insured (EUR 100)
EUR  7.00 Package up to 1000g, no insurance
EUR 10.55 Package up to 1000g, insured (EUR 100)
EUR 16.90 Package up to 2000g, no insurance
EUR 20.45 Package up to 2000g, insured (EUR 100)

Better insurance costs EUR 1.50 for each EUR 100. DHL's prices for heavier
packages aren't mentioned because they are a ripoff.

Within Europe it is sometimes better to use Hermes. They base their rates on
size, not on weight. Unfortunately, they only service European countries,
and they do not ship to all of them. A Newton could usually be shipped for
EUR 13,90 including tracking and insurance.


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