[NTLK] seen on eBay

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Sun Apr 29 13:06:16 EDT 2012

> Interesting.  Perhaps seller blocked international access.
> I have no experience with this seller and have not used this
> particular product.

Well, I still have a couple of the 20MB cards left. And I promise I will not
block international access. Some of these cards have traveled halfway around
this planet. They are still EUR 12.00 apiece plus what I pay for stamps.

Before you buy ANY used card, ask the seller HOW it has been used. Flash
cards have a limited number of write cycles before they become unreliable.
You'd never see this problem if you were using a new card in a Newton. Cards
that have been used in an old Cisco router for no more than a couple of
weeks can be way beyond this point. I once lost a weekend's worth of notes
taken at a developer conference because back then I wasn't aware of this...


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