[NTLK] My 'Newton' Life for Sale - Part 2

Sam Speake samspeake at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 30 07:59:59 EDT 2012


I just wanted to thank everyone for their interest in my 'newton life' for sale. Due to the high number of requests I thought I would send one last email with what I have left. I have also amended some of the pricing as well.

As I had a lot of interest in the speed boost kit then I can happily put some more together for people, to make the bulk purchase of the parts economical I would need 4-5 people interested

All payments by paypal preferred

Some photos provided and accessed here

1 x Ethernet card (including dongle) - £10
3 x Spare Dongels for ethernet cards - £2 each
1 x Wireless WaveLan card - £10 each
1 x Intel Wireless card (untested) - £3
1 x Compact flash Card 128MB and adapter - £10
1 x Newton Fax Modem - £5
1 x Allpoints Wyndmail Card (network is no longer used but great for a collector) - £7
1 x Dead MP2000 battery for recelling - £5
1 x Newton MP110, MP120 and MP130 Dock/Charging station, good condition (case has been opened) - £10
1 x 10Mb OEM memory card - £5
1 x Emate stylus - £2
2 x 56k Modem with XJACK (untested) £2 each

1 x Newton MP2000 Manuals - £3
1 x Newton MP110 Manuals - £3

happy to take any offers.


samspeake (at) googlemail (dot)com

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