[NTLK] messagepad 3D models?

Tim Kaluza timkaluza at me.com
Thu Aug 2 05:09:50 EDT 2012

Greetings from Dresden, Germany!

I'm right now studying engineering.
But which Rapid Prototype technology you want to use?
I don't see any personal system capable of getting a acceptable quality for a device like the newton.
So it's quite up to you what kind of system you would use.
But I personal would give the suggestion that you let it be produced in a company.
There a plenty of technics to get a real nice case for newt with Rapid Prototyping, also for a relatively small amount.
Thought about stainless steel? ;)

So it's also quite up to the 3D Printing Technology you could achieve.
Though I haven't followed the printable battery tray I have my doubts that a 3D Printer under 3000$ us capable of doing it.

But If you got one, I'm gonna help you getting a correct 3D CAD Model for your Printer :)
If you got one printer, just mail me at tim at mail.de

Your's sincerely

Am 01. August 2012 um 07:40 schrieb Charles Mangin <option8-newton at option8.com>:

> Has anyone found or produced a 3D model of any of the Newton line? I looked online and only found one, and it was only good from one angle.
> I followed the discussion about a 3D printable battery tray with delight, as I'm hoping to get a 3D printer in the near future, and I'd love to be able to print my own accessories, or a complete replacement shell. But that requires someone scan or produce a model.
> I'll gladly submit one of my 2000s to be laser scanned if someone happens to have the hardware to do it...
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