[NTLK] messagepad 3D models?

Joseph Reilly reilly001os at aol.com
Thu Aug 2 14:09:14 EDT 2012

I've actually thought about trying to "re-case"
an emate into a 2100 form factor based on
the fact you can get lots of them cheap on
the auction site. You'd lose the kb but
you could make the case alloy so it'd
be pretty stout. Haven't had the time to
try it yet though.

-Joe Reilly

Nic Malone <nicmalone at gmx.com> wrote:

>It would be interesting if someone with 3D scanning/printing expertise came up with an alternative casing for the eMate, a form factor that was less bulky and more grown up looking. It could be the ultimate distraction-free mobile writer's tool.
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