[NTLK] messagepad 3D models?

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Fri Aug 3 03:18:53 EDT 2012

On 02.08.2012, at 23:49, Charles Mangin <option8-newton at option8.com> wrote:

> funny. i have had an inclination to try and put a 2100's guts into a laptop/emate form factor - i love the emate, but prefer the added speed and capacity of the 2x00.
> in any event, being able to print a replacement shell for the messagepad in stainless steel would be totally worth the effort to scan. 
> http://www.shapeways.com/materials/steel

Machining stainless steel is quite tough and expensive. A single case would easily cost 500 Euros or more! Aluminum is cheaper, but also quite tough to work with. There are machinable plastic that cold be used, but I don;t think you'd be able to get anything made for under 200 Euros - uness you know someone with a CNC machine and a lot of time on his hands.

The RepRap is limited in the size of objects it can create. It has two materials available: ABS is tough, but wraps in the heat. There is little precision in this process. PLA is much better, but it also feels quite different and dissolves over time (it's made from Corn Starch)


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