[NTLK] The complete newton collection of files.

Woody Smith woodysmith at me.com
Sun Aug 5 15:20:45 EDT 2012

Try the UNNA tracker
I'm not sure I understand trackers but I see one seeder on the above   
tracker and I see peers on [DHT] and [Local Peer Discovery]

Hope it's started to work, I'm seeding and at least a couple of others  
had committed to seed for extended period (forever).


On Aug 5, 2012, at 6:58 AM, Michael C Tiernan wrote:

> ----- Original Message -----
>> I had started about doing this. Looks like someone beat us to the
>> punch and
>> saved us some time. The Newton Museum torrent is an excellent wealth
>> of
>> packages and software for the MessagePad and can be found here:
>> http://ca.isohunt.com/download/12408867/newton+museum.torrent
> Sadly, no one seems to be seeding the file at this moment so I'm  
> still waiting to see it appear.
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