[NTLK] Detailed review of the USB-001 is online

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Aug 6 18:19:37 EDT 2012

Hi Gang,

I've just uploaded a review of the USB-001 board. It provides detailed
information on 

- how to install it
- how to make it work with the Newton Connection Utilities (NCU) on a PC
running Windows
- how to make it work with Simon Bell's Newton Connection (NCX) on a Mac
running Mac OS X
- how to make it work with standard USB cables
- how to prevent case cracks, regardless of whether they're real or

Thanks to the tireless help of some list members, especially Doug without
whose expertise I'd be lost, I would almost bet there are no grammar or
spelling mistakes left on this page. If I'm mistaken, please point them out.
Please don't be polite. Your criticism will improve things.

The new page (the nice version) is here:


A very ugly text-only version compliant with HTML 2.0 is here:


I chose HTML 2.0 because it was introduced in 1995 and should hence not
present too much of a challenge to the rendering engines of our Newtons' web
browsers. I would appreciate it if you could try to load the text-only page
with your Newton and (only if you run into problems) tell me about the
outcome. This page is about the longest web page I ever wrote, and, given
the Newton's limited memory, I haven't a clue if it'll display decently.
Maybe I'll have to split this page into a couple of pages. I'm also unsure
as for whether Newton browsers can handle .gif and .png images.

Thanks for your help!


-- Newton software and hardware at http://www.pda-soft.de

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