[NTLK] The complete newton collection of files.

Michael C Tiernan michael.tiernan at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 14:59:41 EDT 2012

> From: "Morgan Aldridge" <morgant at makkintosshu.com>

For a little while I"m seeding the museum too. However, I need to ask if anyone has any assurance that it's not violating lots of copyright laws. 

I've been looking through it and I've found some documents that might be damaged. I can't open: 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/Articles/ART Newton Comms Basics.wordmac.doc 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/Articles/COMPCON-OS.wordmac.doc 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/Articles/SoupsOn.rtf I have no way to read these at the moment: 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/Articles/COMPCONArch docView.sit.hqx 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/Articles/LostInSpaceCode.sea.hqx 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/1.x Q&A's-Docviewer.sea.hqx These seem to be blank: 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/Compatibility/QUALAPPS.PDF 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/Compatibility/TEMPLATE.PDF 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/Compatibility/TESTCOMP/COMPPRES.PDF 
/Volumes/Newton Museum/Info Sheets/ documentation/developer/Compatibility/TESTCOMP/TESTPLAN.PDF For *my* copy of the archive I'm saving some of the documents as PDFs so they're more readable. 

I'll try and list out any other problems I come across..... 
<< MCT >> Michael C Tiernan. 
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