[NTLK] FYI only: Fwd: FS: Newton Message Pad 2100 with Tons of Rare Extras

Laurence W Brown lwb at mac.com
Wed Aug 15 12:47:16 EDT 2012

Not my sale - just forwarding:

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> From: Thomas Ferro <tferro1 at mac.com>
> Date: August 15, 2012 5:18:19 PDT
> To: "lemswap at googlegroups.com" <lemswap at googlegroups.com>
> Subject: FS: Newton Message Pad 2100 with Tons of Rare Extras
> Reply-To: tferro1 at mac.com
> Hi Swappers,
> I'm having to sell of my collectible Newton Message Pad 2100 working 100%. I want to see this go to a good home of someone who will enjoy it and take care of it.
> It's in very good condition and comes with a lot of hard to find Newton Brand accessories. The only thing its missing is the stylus.
> Here is the list of what it comes with
> Newton Message Pad 2100 - Battery still holds a decent charge
> AC Adapter
> Newton Leather Case
> Newton Brand Keyboard
> AA Battery Adapter
> Farallon Etherwave Card and desktop network dock
> PCMCIA Memory Card
> ADB Cable and connector
> Socket Communications Serial PCMCIA Card and cable
> 3Com Fast Ethernet PCMCIA Card
> Software:
> Newton Backup Utility Software Disks - Still Sealed in shrink wrap
> Newton Software Backup Disk for Mac - 2 Disks
> Newton Software Backup for Windows - 2 Disks
> Newton Press - 2 Disks
> Quick Names Pro
> TeleChart 2000 - 2 Disks
> Newton Aviator
> Pro-Calc Ex
> Quick Figure Works
> Kwik Menu
> MessagePad Upgrade CD
> Tons of Manuals:
> Newton Getting Started Guide, Using Email Guide, Using email guide, Internet Enabled guide, Warranty cards, and tons of other manuals.
> Asking: $450 plus shipping.
> Tom Ferro
> Holt, MI, 48842
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