[NTLK] [ANN] New NPDS Trackers

Woody Smith woodysmith at me.com
Thu Aug 23 14:16:18 EDT 2012

Thank You Morgan and Ron!
And thanks to Ed and anyone else who is hosting a website on a newton!


On Aug 23, 2012, at 11:48 AM, Morgan Aldridge wrote:

> (I had intended to post this last week, but things got a little crazy.
> It's never too late though.)
> Roughly two weeks ago it was discovered that Victor Rehorst's and Ed
> Kummel's NPDS (Newton Personal Data sharing; i.e. Newton web servers)
> trackers were down and so Grant, Ron Parker, and I scrambled to get
> new trackers up. Ed's is now back up, so the current NPDS trackers are
> as follows (Ron's & UNNA's share with each other and also pull in
> those listed on Ed's):
> <http://newton.tek-ed.com:3680/>
> <http://newtzilla.quadzilla.net:3680/>
> <http://www.unna.org:3680/>
> So, if you want to browse sites hosted on Newtons, please go check
> them out. If you have any interest in hosting a website on a newton,
> go check out <http://npds.free.fr/> and see what's required.
> In addition to setting up the trackers, Grant and I have made some
> improvements to the tracker itself, with more changes planned. It's
> open source and hosted on GitHub, so feel free to set up your own or
> contribute to its improvement:
> <http://github.com/splorp/npds-tracker-server/>
> Morgan
> ---
> http://makkintosshu.com/
> http://seriesparts.com/
> http://rikuwoiku.com/
> http://unna.org/

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