[NTLK] Looking for Newton Programmer's Guide for OS 1.x

Klaus Finke klaus at finkeundfreunde.de
Wed Aug 29 11:01:41 EDT 2012

Am 29.08.2012 um 11:11 schrieb Matej Horvat:

> Hello list,
> does anyone have a copy of the NPG for OS 1.x that they would like  
> to give away or sell?
> I have the PDF of the 2.0 edition (1996) but it is not sufficient,  
> for example, the communications architecture changed in 2.0 so the  
> documentation doesn't apply to 1.x. This is particularly annoying  
> because I'm writing communication software for 1.x.
> Matej Horvat
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Hello Matej.

It's on the 'Newton Museum' DVD, several times.

Path, for example:
			Newton Developer CD 09-March 96
				Technical Information
					Newton 1.x-related ARCHIVES
						ARCHIVE- Newton 1.x Docs
							Newton Programmer's Guide 1 (plus index file)

It's in Apple DocViewer format, can be easily converted to PDF via  
PostScript using Apple Preview.

I could send you the PDF file per mail, if you don't already have the  
Newton Museum.
Hope this helps.


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