[NTLK] Linear Flash Card Questions

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Wed Aug 29 18:13:32 EDT 2012

I've not noticed any significant differences in performance whether 
using 2, 4 or up to 32 MB cards.


On 29/08/12, William Maloney wrote: 
>Can anyone vouch for a good CF card size to use on an MP2000 that will
>not freeze things down too much? Its far better than what I had before
>(4GB) but Newton "thinks" too much when doing basic tasks like word
>On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 10:02 AM, Dan <dan at dbdigitalweb.com> wrote:
>>  Something that also should be mentioned here, the larger the card the
>>  more "heap" or "RAM" is used to keep track of every byte on the card.
>>  So the larger the card, the more heap is taken if you use the space or
>>  not.  Therefore newtons with less heap (ram) such as 1.x should stick
>>  with smaller cards such as 4 or 8mb.  Personally I would go with 4 and
>>  carry a few cards, as it is better than frequently running out of heap.
>>  While you can freeze unused packages to save heap (every installed
>>  package takes heap if you use it or not), it does slow down usability
>>  since you have to thaw it before use.  Sure it only takes a second or
>>  two, but if you have to do a it a lot, it gets annoying.  Still it is a
>>  way of carrying more packages around (especially if not used much) than
>>  you normally would without running into the heap "the system is unable
>>  to do what you asked, restarting may fix this problem" wall.
>>  -Dan
>>  On 8/24/2012 5:29 AM, Matej Horvat wrote:
>>>>  2.) What is the maximum memory card size for Newton OS 1.x?
>>>  I don't know, but I've been using a 20 MB card for years without 
>>>problems. However, I've hardly ever used more than 5 MB of it, 
>>>because you either run out of heap or your Extras drawer gets 
>>>full. You can use NewtCase to solve both of these problems, but it 
>>>can get kind of messy, and it's too slow for frequent use.
>>>  So I think it's best to get more smaller cards if you want to 
>>>store packages on it. But for data and backups (note: the built-in 
>>>backup functionality in 1.x can only do full backups), it's OK.
>>>  Matej Horvat
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