[NTLK] So... am I correct in deducing that, since iSync i...

Simon Bell simonbell at me.com
Thu Aug 30 06:05:41 EDT 2012

On 30 Aug 2012, at 09:52, Forrest Buffenmyer wrote:

> So... am I correct in deducing that, since iSync is no longer supported in OS X 10.7 Lion, Simon Bell's NCX no longer functions either, as it appears to be dependent on it? 

The impression I get from the occasional correspondent is that NCX does work on OS X Lion, but I can’t confirm that first-hand. All I can say is that the last release of NCX (v1.3 build 44, available at <http://newtonresearch.org/connection/>) does work on OS X Snow Leopard.

Although the iSync app no longer exists in OS X Lion, the underlying Sync Services framework is still very much alive. It is that framework that NCX uses to synchronise Names with Address Book. I would say this is not the source of the failure to launch:

> I tried running the version I already had before (v1.3 Build 42), with Snow Leopard, and it bounced in the Dock for about a minute before vanishing, I downloaded Build 44, then when that failed I looked it up online.

I do know that the Backup Inspector fails to launch on OS X Lion unless you rename it BackupInspector (ie without a space in the name).


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