[NTLK] Einstein for Android - Frohes Neues Jahr

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Wed Jan 2 19:13:19 EST 2013

Happy New Year, folks.

I have uploaded a new version of Einstein for Android. You can just install it over the old version - your Flash RAM data should not be deleted and all installed software should remain.

The changes are based on the EMails to this list:

The context menu is no longer supported by newer device. You can now reach a similar menu by going into Nthe Notifications bar (pull the top bar down) and tapping on the Einstein logo. The hardware menu button also works.

Installing packages now works on al apps by putting new .pkg files into "/Download/EInstein/" and selection "Install New Packages" for the Action menu.

Clicking on "Insert Network Card" now actually inserts the network card. But this only works if all drivers were previously installed in the correct order :-/

Clicking on the Action "Quit" will quit the Service, making Einstein a regular app again that will be cleared whenever Android feels like it.

Little Cliffhanger: in the next version, to install a package, you can simply click the .pkg file in an internet browser to install it.


 - Matthias

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