[NTLK] New Version! Einstein for Android 5.1.2013

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Fri Jan 4 20:51:47 EST 2013

Hi folks, 

isn't vacation time a wonderful time? I really got a hang of Java and Android over the last days. What a wonderful system! Anyway, here we are:

 * change screen resolution (requires Newton reboot)
 * enable/disable status bar
 * change screen refresh rate (now very fluid at 30fps on fast machines)
 * change NewtonID (if you already have licensed software, you can move your ID with your device)
 * install from file (start file browser and tap on any package (*.pkg))
 * install form web (start web browser, got to inna.org or similar, tap on any package)
 * fixed background light


As usual, your comments and suggestions are welcome, good and bad ;-)


 * rebooting the emulated Newton does not work reliably, the pen/touch interface does not reconnect. Going to the home screen and tapping Einstein again is a temp fix
 * Einstein sometimes hangs after the first welcome sequence. After a reboot, it usually never hangs again
 * Options missing for the various resets and reboots, clear Flash, etc.
 * Network support may actually work, but must be tested (will allow syncing)
 * keep network card connected - option
 * install ROM and REX the same way we install packages
 * sound support
 * interface to Android API
 * screen rotation?
 * keyboard support
 * if network support is not enough, a serial port?
 * more icons in the Android UI
 * alerts and alarms while in the background

 - Matthias

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