[NTLK] FS: Rare Newton accessories - Newt Eye, NewtAC, Newtlight

Russ Bravo VM russbravo at virginmedia.com
Thu Jan 10 16:32:24 EST 2013

Hi all

Having a bit of a clearout of my Newton stuff, and I came across three neat little Newton accessories produced by Adriano Angelillis in around 2005:

- the Newt Eye - a bright LED light that plugs into  your serial port
- the Newt AC - giving you the option of powering your Newton via a USB port
- the Newt Light - enabling you to power an external USB device via your Newton's serial port

These are unused items in their original packaging: let me know if you want me to send you images.

I'd like to sell these on to someone who will make some use of them, and am looking for offers in excess of $25 + $8 postage via PayPal (£15 + £5 if you're in the UK, 18 euros + 6 euros if you're in Europe).

Please mail me off-list


Russ, UK :-)

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