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Yup. The Opel GT is a remembrance from my childhood...the poor-man's corvette they used to call it...I've always wanted one of those too! Give me a convertible one from the 70s and I would have a hard time saying "no". The Pontiac Solstice, in my opinion, is an homage to the Open GT convertible...*sigh* so many cars, so little money..
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You would like my neighbour and myself and my son. Neighbour has a restored TR6 and a Midget and he has a Spitfire he is currently restoring. My son has 3 Midgets which he thinks he can make two good one out of. He also just bought a Opel GT. I have a 64 Mini that started off as an 850 Automatic, when that transmission failed and could not get parts I got another mini and took the transmission from it (the Magic Want style) then I did a bunch of work for a fellow and for pay I got a Cooper S shell and engine, all were in bits. Took almost a year to take the Cooper all apart, shell was garbage so I used the shell from my 850, everything Cooper S got reused. Engine I build using Vizard's book and once done I had it on a dyno, 110hp at the wheels. Goes really well until a couple years ago, my son borrowed it and had problems with the transmission (needle bearings fell apart) we just found another Tranny and in the spring we will take it all apart, a good
 friend of my sons is going to redo the A panels and redo the floor in the trunk and fix up all the other little rust spots then it will get repainted and put back together.
Needless to say our driveways have lot of oil spots....

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Two cars that are on my list of must own are the Triumph Spitfire and the TR6...in British Racing Green of course! I was told by a neighbor who had a TR6 that you have to own two...
>And the Spirfire, how cool is it to hang your arm out the window and have your knuckles almost on the ground! Then of course, there's the Jaguar (you know which one) a classic Land Rover (like the one in Daktari...and yes, it needs to be zebra striped). An MG Midget, and of course the MGB TD like the one Steed drove in The Avengers. Funnily enough, I'm not impressed by the Aston Martin...but I'll take a 70's Morris Minor, or an ancient Rover!

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