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> Memories are great. My 66 Mustang would be my first choice of cars I have
> owned although my 37 Ford Coupe would be a close second. I taught my wife to
> drive in that one over 62 years ago. Speaking of Oil, in my day the 23rd psalm
> was rewritten to Ford as in The Ford is my Auto, it maketh me to lie down in
> green pastures, it anointeth my head with oil etc.
> Cheers to all of you that make this such a great site.

'37 Ford Coupe?  One of the guys who taught me (read: "tried to teach me")
to surf many years ago had one of those, or so he said.  He'd customized the
car so it would've taken someone cleverer than I am to know what it really
was.   But it looked as though it could've been one once.  The body was
re-contoured to be super-streamlined.   A candy emerald paint job with gold
pinstripe detailing and custom chromed exhaust pipes finished the amazing
look of the thing.   Whatever that engine was felt like it was turbo-charged
when he popped the clutch.  He used to street-race so he was very cagey
about what was under the hood.

I won't pretend it was a smooth sweet ride and I couldn't have given my
Grandma a lift in it but that thing really could thrash the quarter-mile.

Just remember you're also one of the people who makes this a great site.



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