[NTLK] WTT: MP120 for MP130 (or something like that)

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 12:30:21 EST 2013


Is anyone interested in trading an MP130 for an MP120 (running NOS 2.0)?

If I understand correctly, the early model MessagePads (i.e. up through the MP120) utilize optically flat screens.  The MP130 model introduced a top plastic layer with an anti-glare coating.  Which sounds wonderful, only the anti-glare coating, under some lighting conditions, results in reduced contrast and reduced overall visibility.

If I have that right, it means that the earlier screens may, depending on where you use it, offer some advantages over the screens found on later model MessagePads (provided, of course, you do not require a backlight).

Where am I trying to go with this?  I'm trying to work out if someone seeing this might be operating (or have the need to operate) a MessagePad under those certain conditions I'm alluding to and would be willing to trade an MP120 I have (running NOS 2.0) for an MP130 they have.  

Of course, the MP130 offers other advantages over the 120 model that may make a straight trade a lopsided proposition.  I'm not sure, exactly, but you, the person reading this, might have a need for an MP120 whilst having a working MP130 in good condition on your hands that you just can't wait to unload for a trade + some cash.

(Stranger things have happened.)

Of course, if you have an MP130, can't be bothered with any of the above, 
and just want to sell the thing outright, please shoot me a mail offlist with your asking price.  

I don't know who/what is out there, and which particular arrangement might hold the greatest appeal for you, but with any luck, we can get together and both walk away with something we like.


James Fraser

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