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Larry Zasitko l.zasitko at sasktel.net
Wed Jan 23 10:15:29 EST 2013

Yeah, expensive.... but just think his original buy it now was just shy of $2,000 and with shipping....
Yes they look cool but I wouldn't spend that much for one. Trying to recall what the last one went for on ebay but at the moment it eludes me, maybe someone here can recall, seems to me it was in the 4 hundred range. I thought there are some 2000 transparent's around too but it could be my old brain misfiring. 
All the prices for items he has on ebay seem high $100 for a 100, $600 for a Classic II, SE, eMate etc but the only thing he says works is the SE (Funny thing was that I picked one up about a year ago for $20.00 and it works good). eMate he says there is no reason it shouldn't work but its minus the power supply and stylus. he has another auction for just an eMate for $55. When I bought mine I spent around $25 for it. $30 for a Contax lens cap, yes they are metal and plastic but still....
Maybe I should sell some of my stuff....

On 2013-01-22, at 10:11 PM, James Fraser wrote:

> As I say, no doubt it was purchased solely for the neat-o looks.  I just hope whoever purchased it was fully aware that it runs NOS 1.3 and not the game-changing NOS 2.0 before they pulled the trigger.
> (Of course, if they can afford to drop $1,350.00 on a MessagePad, I suspect they already have a "voice recognition data retention device" in the form of a servant who follows them around with paper and pen, ready to jot down their passing fancies.) @_@
> That said, regardless of the utility, I would /love/ to have one of those clear case units myself.  I just need the seller to move the decimal point on the $1,350.00 price tag one place to left and that will (probably) help move it into the realm of possibility, as opposed to the realm of fantasy that the $1,350.00 unit existed in (for me, at least).
> Incidentally, the best bit of that auction was the fact that the seller couldn't be arsed to throw in the shipping.  I mean, $1,350.00 for the unit -and- another $15.00 for shipping, too?  Really?  :D
> I guess the seller doesn't believe in cutting the buyer even the tiniest bit of slack.  Like, wow. ¬_¬
> Best,
> James Fraser

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