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> ... 
> I'm not clear on how they would fare when it comes to printing out something
> relatively large (the MP2x00 case is 4.7 inches wide and 8.3 inches deep) like
> a MessagePad case, something with -very- close tolerances.
> ...
> So, yes, this would be a great time for someone who actually knows what
> they're doing to school us all on how it could be done. :)


Let me throw my ignorance into the mix here.  I can't speak about how 3D
printers handle something the size of a Newton, or the variety of materials
it can or can't use, or any of the other important points you make.  I can
only say I've seen something that impressed me very much as to the ability
of 3D printing to address the problem of very close tolerances:


To me, that looks like they already can handle the kind of fine detail we'd

Now to figure out a way to make a Newton the size of an iPod shuffle...



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