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Maurice Sharp msharp at mac.com
Wed Jan 23 17:29:31 EST 2013

Let me cast my mind back...

If memory serves there were a few different types of clear 110's produced (in fact of any device).

At that time, we went through a few different stages that resulted in units:

- Sometimes clear sometimes not. 
- These units were effectively alpha units.
- They may or may not have logos or names.
- Have a black piece (sticker, label, ...) on the back that identifies the codename, build, etc.

- Sometimes clear sometimes not (usually clear units were for mechanical validation)
- Effectively beta units
- More likely to have logos and unit names (though may not be final)
- Have a black piece (sticker, label, ...) on the back that identifies it as a DVT unit

- Rarely clear
- Effectively golden master (production evaluation testing)
- Should have final logos
- May have the black sticker

For MP 110, there was a clear batch produced with incorrect ROMs (i.e., they are not "real" MP110's.) These were all clear and where handed out to employees. They come with the word Lindy (codename for the 110) and some other writing on the back of the screen protecting surface stuck to the flip cover. If memory serves, the writing shows through the cover when it is closed.

The rarest unit I know of is probably not on the open market. It is a hand built prototype of a Newton device built inside of one of the Palm Pilot series.

ex-Newton DTS Engineer/Manager

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