[NTLK] USB 5V to 7.5 V switching regulator circuit?

Jim Witte jim.witte at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 00:39:55 EST 2013


	Would it be possible to manage to get the 7.5V 1.2A the Newton needs from a USB cable using a step-up regulator?  I remember seeing one message about a year ago I think saying that the Newton is quite sensitive to the over-voltage/over-current, so there really is no good replacement circuit for the Apple power supply - at least no for cheaper than the supply itself.  I did find this:


1.4A, 1.5MHz Synchronous Step-Up DC/DC Converter with Output Disconnect

input: 1.5V - 6V
output: 0(?) - 7.5V, 1.4A

Although it does say 700mA at 7V from a 5V input, which I presume is it’s absolute limit?


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