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James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 26 09:45:28 EST 2013


--- On Wed, 1/23/13, Lord Groundhog <lordgroundhog at gmail.com> wrote:

> *sitting at keyboard, shivering, sweating, whimpering,
> drooling with unabashed gizmo-lust, trying to decide whether to gnaw 
> off my hands so I can't write away and sell my soul for a Frozen 
> Newton, or just pick a fight with the nearest thugs and have them beat > me senseless until this fever subsides*  


I can't speak to the thug part (whatever you do in your spare time is your own business), but I'd certainly be grateful if any hand-gnawing (or at least, any on-list descriptions of same) could be kept to an absolute minimum, if not done away with entirely. :p

(I'd like to eat lunch sometime today, you know?) @_@ 

> I don't see the original multi-coloured Apple logo though, so perhaps > if I focus on that tiny flaw I can ignore the overall drop-dead 
> gorgeousness of these clear 2100s, long enough to suppress the urge to > sell my soul 
Well, um, seeing as how I seem to be corresponding with a member of the "easily excitable" demographic.....

[eyes LG warily, mentally measures distance to door to make sure he's got a good head start on him if need be.] :p

...I would like to get a reading on the Excite-O-Meter by asking your opinion on this MP2100: 


...modified with the Newton, Inc. logo.  Does that do anything for you at all?  

I've always liked it myself, though I must confess that my initial reaction upon seeing it (while it did cause the needle on the Excite-O-Meter to move a little, certainly) was nowhere near as impressive as your own reaction to seeing the Frozen Newton again.  :D


At the risk of sounding like a member of the anal-retentive demographic (Who, me?  Never!), the stock Apple logo on the MP2100:


(Steven Fowler's picture, not mine)

...has always struck me as having rather a makeshift appearance (hardly surprising, of course, given the circumstances).  Still, after seeing the Newton, Inc. logo on a customized 2100, I can't help but lament that it never actually made it on to the production model.  Pity, that. : /

[end sidebar]

As indicated in the lower right-hand corner, the picture is Adam Tow's.  As for the MP2100, I believe (but am not 100% certain) that it belongs to Flash Sheridan.  At any rate, with this logo:


...a Photoshop session (to make the "N" a white letter on a blue background as opposed to a blue letter on a white one), and a Dremel tool, you might try having a go at making your own custom Newton, Inc. MP2100 logo, a task for which you will surely want to retain both your hands.  :p


James Fraser

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