[NTLK] Free for shipping: opaque non-developer's depleted uranium model Newton

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 27 11:21:21 EST 2013


Frank Gruendel recently offered one of the (purportedly) "rare" clear MessagePad 110 models to the list:  

>Boah... They should've asked me... I'd have sold them mine for 999.00
>including worldwide shipping :-)

His post reminded me that I happen to have the even rarer opaque non-developer depleted uranium unit, of which only a single prototype was ever made.  

The MessagePad DU ("Deluxe Unit") was Apple's early, ill-fated attempt to illuminate the Newton's screen by using a casing composed of radioactive material (as opposed to a proper backlight as seen on the MP130 model onward).

Unfortunately for Apple, while the depleted uranium casing succeeded wonderfully in illuminating the screen of the unit (in fact, it illuminated the surrounding area wonderfully as well), the use of DU in the unit's construction meant that this handheld device weighed in at 73 pounds, limiting the potential market for it exclusively to bodybuilders. :(

At any rate, I need to get the thing off my hands, as I lack the funds to invest in the proper lead shielding to keep the unit in the house for any real length of time and the neighbours complain of radiation burns when I leave it lying around in the front yard (the 73-pound weight making the unit theft-proof against all but the strongest neighbourhood children).  My loss is your gain.

Unlike Frank's ludicrously overpriced offering (shame on you, Frank!), I intend to give mine away for free.  Unfortunately, I only have the one unit, so the first NewtonTalker who mails me off-list will receive it.  

All I ask is that you pick up the shipping cost of $999 (cost of shipping the unit itself + the requisite Type A packaging).


James Fraser


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