[NTLK] eProbe and eMate in 2013

SteveCraft steve at craftsathome.net
Sun Jan 27 23:53:24 EST 2013

Hey all, just checking in. I connected an eMate, eProbe, and Vernier Serial
Box Interface that had all been sitting mothballed for *way* too long. I got
a Temperature Sensor from eBay for $10 and a Heart Rate monitor for  $15
IIRC, fired things up, and they work! The idea is to come up with something
a little different for my kid's science fair this year. My original plan
was/is to get the Vernier bits working with a homebrew program on my IIGS, I
thought that the eMate/eProbe combination would make a good alternate plan
if I (most likely) don't get the IIGS coding done in time to actually do an
experiment and make the fair.  Anyway, the temperature sensing works
as-advertised. The heart rate monitor is not on the eProbe supported list,
and and I don't (yet?) understand how it works, but I need to experiment a
bit more.


Anyway, Vernier Serial Box Interface and eProbe stuff can be had super cheap
these days, so if you are looking for another job for your Newton hardware,
there it is..


For a little while, I will have these of pictures up:










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