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Mickey Sattler mickey at sattlers.org
Tue Jan 29 14:41:10 EST 2013

On 25 Jan 2013, at 0918 , James Fraser <wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Well, hey, imagine my own surprise (and delight) at hearing from the owner of the site himself!  Hello there! :)

My pleasure. I've been surfing the list since the beginning, but rarely have anything to add. My Newts are boxed up, safely, but I love reading the list.

> That last sentence was meant to apply to me, not to you.  IOW: I wasn't attempting to put words in your mouth, only attempting to describe my reaction to the HWR abilities of NOS 1.3 in the cold light of 2013.

Understood. A bit of hindsight is cold, eh? When one considers the CPU power behind 1.3 vs the iPhone 5...

> Right, and, let's face it: the ability to install Graffiti on early MessagePads helped increase the utility of the MP.

Without Graffiti the MPs would have been mostly useless to me.

> Yes, I have to admit that, despite all the above, I've still gotten rather attached to the thought of someday perhaps owning a clear case unit myself. :)

You will. Set up an eBay search to run every-day and you will.

> I'm sorry to hear that you don't plan to part everything out (see above).  However, I can't say I blame you, either, seeing as how it's easier to sell everything all in one go.

It's going to be way more useful to someone in a bunch. There's everything from programming manuals to modems to everything. My time has to be more than parting it out, keeping track of things, having some unsold, etc.

> Speaking of go, I found your experiences at GO Corporation pretty intriguing.  I'd no idea that Sandy Benett had worked there originally.   Great stuff. :D  

I thought so too. GO was an interesting petri dish of experiences. If an infrastructure like WiFi had been there, and if management had actually used the product, we might have been in a different world...

> I also liked the Newton Roger variation near the bottom of your Newton page (on the left).  Did you create that?  I believe, but am not 100% certain, that the original Newton Roger (on the right) was created by Will Nelson of Newton Underground.

I can't recall, but I don't think I created anything. I was trying to archive a moment as it was slipping away. Obviously it worked :-)


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