[NTLK] Montreal Poutine Week is February 1 through 7

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Thanks John.  I suppose if I can't find anything better ...

But I notice that it's a Gordon Ramsay place.  I avoid him like the plague.
Even if he isn't an loud-mouth lout in real life, he's willing to act like
one on his TV show.  Since I'll never get close enough to extinguish one of
his headlamps the least I can do is avoid enriching him.

Much more to the point, I notice the criticism of the curds.  That's
serious!  I could just about live with the variation in gravy, and for the
sake of poutine I could even pay Ramsay's inflated prices, but poutine curd
is sacrosanct!  

Seriously, I had no idea there could even be a hope of poutine in the UK
unless I could learn the recipe and more to the point, source the real
ingredients.  So thanks for this.  I might have to bend in order not to
break.  ;-)  

*mutters: "a Gordon Ramsay restaurant?  The things I do for my Newton..."*



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*The Destruction Of Life As We Know It*
    might not be as relevant to Newtons
        as poutine.
               -- Lord Groundhog

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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