[NTLK] No sound on Newton OMP

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Are you certain it's not that--while you slumbered, you were bitten by a radioactive or genetically-engineered spider? Does anything feel--sticky--to you?

In short, are you you're not--The Amazing Spider-man?

;) (Of course, I jest.)


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>Ok, this is weird ... I ordered a few Newton OMP's from ebay. I'm going to use them for educational purposes since I teach interaction and GUI design. My own OMP, which I bought in 1993, was perfect until 2 years ago: suddenly the sound appeared to be extremely soft. Even with the volume slider at the highest level you hardly hear a sound. So, I bought 3 other OMP's and guess what ... they all have exactly the same volume problem!
>Is it a hardware problem and is there a certain possibility to repair it?
>And yes, they all have a sticky coating ... It seems like they have an experation date for about 20 years ;)
>- Herman
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