[NTLK] Sticky Newtons > A Solution?

sn direkt at punkt-x.de
Wed Oct 1 15:48:43 EDT 2014

Hello Herman,

long time ago since I read on newtontalk although still receiving everything longer.

The other response didn't give a solution, I guess (nor I can, as I regret to write…).

My MessagePad is sticky too and there are no obvious solutions for that symptom.
The reason is (probably) "poly-urethan" (I'm not sure: is that an international expression for the sh…?)
After a certain amount of years the coating (I believe our dear Newtons have such a PU-exterior)
looses its characteristic and becomes sticky.

As I experienced that uncomfortable changing with several of my items (especially those first grippy objects like shoe soles, but as well foam of headsets, outer shell of cables and several else, e.g. "rubberized" coatings of computer mice and lots of other objects). 
Meanwhile I believe in my ability to recognize that material.

And the bad side of this: there's no option to stop it. It is just a unstoppable event after a certain amount of time.

As regards our newtons:
I hope it is only a thin coating and the removing of that layer might be the solution.

What I did with a Logitech Trackball: As it was a lot more sticky after washing, I rubbed it over with some baby powder.
So it became a little grey but lost nearly every "sticky-ness" for some thime.
Hope this will help you or give at least some direction.

Please let me know about your further experiences.
Thanks and good luck - Stefan

Am 01.10.2014 um 08:54 schrieb Herman Paassen <paassen at me.com>:

> I'm sorry, I lost the answers you all sent to me about my questions (Oops! Wrong button) Can you repeat them? 
> I own different Newton models and some of them have a coating that have in a strange way become a kind of 'sticky'. Is this familiar to some of you? What's a solution to clean them?
> Thanks! Herman
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