[NTLK] Mac OS 8.5 vs. 9.2 for Newton?

Bill Moser wmoser2 at netzero.net
Sun Oct 19 21:54:45 EDT 2014

>If my memory serves me correctly, IRDA between  OS 8 or OS 9 and Newton did
not work for packages, etc. They both speak IRDA, but the underlying
transports were never implemented.


I can speak to this. In 1997 I tried for months with some success to get
IrDA between an iMac rev. B and a Newton 2100 to work. The result is here:



An Apple engineer wrote me in '97/'98 to confirm: The Newton 2100 is fully
IrDA compliant. The hardware, the IRLap/IrLMP base of the IrDA protocol
stack are fully implemented. The only thing keeping this unit from full
functionality is the software, that is TinyTP, Obex, IrCOMM, and so on. I
recall Smart Dog software licensed an implementation of Obex and ported it
to the Newton. He seems to have abandoned the product these days.


On the Mac side, the IR software for OS 8 and 9 will not work out of the
box. Kieran Miller and I got two terminal emulators (one on each device) to
send files back and forth. Miller was fond of Black Knight for Mac, I liked
SitComm. Appleworks and Easter Eggs worked well also. I found that when I
installed the IrDA tools from the Palm MacPac 2 software, suddenly the Mac
terminal emulators became IrDA friendly.


By the way, I have no idea if OS X supports any of this. Windows IrDA was
something I never played with, but IrCOMM was in Windows 98 (or NT, I
forget) and it is a higher level protocol like Obex. Not built in to the
Newton ROM. If an IrDA protocol stack were fully implemented in NOS 2.1, it
would work as well as any Windows CE or Palm device.



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