[NTLK] Ethernet, WiFi, Persistent Free Memory Errors

Stephen Hankins ghankins at mac.com
Sat Oct 25 08:45:39 EDT 2014

Not to be totally annoying, but two additional notes about this problem:

1. It seems to escalate over time -- that is, the more times I try to connect with the dock via ethernet, the earlier in the process I get the "not enough memory" error, even after a restart. For example, this morning, I successfully obtained an IP address a couple of times, getting the error only after that was accomplished. After a couple of restarts, I get the error as soon as I tell the dock to connect. It's as though the error steals a bit more memory each time it happens.

2. I am encountering the same problem on my upgraded eMate, which has 4MB of RAM. So, it's not clear to me that a simple lack of RAM is the problem.

Thanks for any advice!

Greg Hankins
Happy Hank's Honey House
Mt. Gilead, NC
ghankins at mac.com

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