[NTLK] NCX+PL2302+Yosemite success?

Forrest newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 26 04:22:38 EDT 2014

Hello Samir, and welcome to the List!

Initially, I had much difficulty connecting my MP 2100 with my MacBook Pro running Mavericks. I was using a Keyspan USA28Xb serial connector. There are several steps you can try to narrow down the list of causes (forgive me if I mention simple or elementary problems—better said than not):

1) Are you selecting the proper serial device in the “Preferences” tab of NSX? If your device isn’t listed there, you’ll need to locate some drivers for it, and configure some other settings for it to work properly. (This was one of the problems that I had.)

2) How about the correct speed? Both machines have to be expecting data at the same speed for any connection to happen. Again, there are dropdown menus under Preferences for both. (There’s a package available on UNNA.org <http://unna.org/> that will update the Newton to 115,200 kbps transfer speeds. This is immensely preferable to any of the other choices.)

3) Although unlikely, a firewall could be holding up the process. Also, any installed virus/malware prevention software could also be interrupting the data flow.

That’s a quick list just off the top of my head, so to speak. My apologies again if you’ve already tried/implemented any/all of these.


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> On Oct 26, 2014, at 12:12 AM, Samir Augusto Arias Gartner <jigzat at me.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone this is my first message to the list. I have been trying to sync my MessagePad 2000 with my iMac using NCX and a USB serial adapter 2032 with no success. The Newton just says "The connection was stopped because there was no response" has anyone had any success with this combination? 
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