[NTLK] Flash (or compact flash) for emate

RAParker RAParker at Newted.org
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Problem is, simply finding a Linear Flash, that an eMate will write to, is an impossible feat. You will have to resign yourself to configuring your eMate to run with a read-only flash card in your spare slot. Use it for apps, dictionaries, ebooks, and the like. ATA can read and write but on a 25Mhz eMate, perhaps one without a memory upgrade, this may be an impractical solution for everyday usage.

Read-only for the external slot, while saving all data to the internal store, works perfectly fine. You will appreciate the speed of an external PCMCIA flash card, even though it is read-only. Use your MP2000/MP2100 to fill the card up and then insert it in the eMate.

And, of course, do play around with ATA and Compact Flash adapters. It may take a while to get it working reliably but just having that sheer amount of storage space is worth blowing your mind over, in the end.

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Stephen Hankins <ghankins at mac.com> wrote:

>Hi All!
>I would like to get a storage card for my eMate. I have several for my MP2100, but the eMate doesn't like any of them, I asusme because they are all 12v instead of 5v.
>But the number of cards out there is a bit bewildering, the prices high, and the specifications sketchy. I wonder if anyone can recommend something in the 4-32MB range that will work with an eMate?
>Alternatively, I have a couple of unused CompactFlash cards lying around from an old, dead camera. So I could buy one of those PCMCIA CF adaptors. Any recommendations on which of these for the eMate? I gather that one needs Paul Guyot's ATA drivers for this to work?
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