[NTLK] Monthly Mailing List Membership Reminders

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Wed Jun 5 21:06:56 EDT 2019

The sad thing is I think most people DO reuse all the passwords.  I was waiting in line somewhere and people were discussing a website and the passwords.  One person said "well I have one password for everything, I know I shouldn't, but I do."  And EVERYONE else in the line admitted to doing the same thing, even the clerk behind the counter!  Shocked me, I never thought people would be that lax when it comes to something as simple as don't use the same password everywhere.  And I realized then why so many companies are trying to get people to do two factor.  It isn't a matter of being so much more secure because the password system is full of holes, but rather because people don't use them properly even when knowing all the risks.  I guess it is like cigarettes, they know it will likely give you cancer but figure they will beat the odds.

I am on the fence regarding the reminders, I would prefer to have the password itself removed from the reminders, but I understand one can live without said reminders.  Considering I am in the far minority, I guess disable it. 


On 6/5/2019 3:43 PM, Gene Beaird wrote:
> Not like it’s a big data breach, unless one is reusing passwords, but probably better to not have the things flying around the intarwebs.
> Since this list is still pretty active, monthly reminders is probably not a big deal.  I am on some lists that the reminder is the only traffic that comes from that list.  
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> Gene Beaird,
> Pearland, Texas

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