[NTLK] [FS] Newton and eMate

Ernest Smith woodysmith at me.com
Sun Jun 30 13:24:52 EDT 2019

I still have an eMate for sale, I had asked $70 but am open for offers

eMate hinges cleaned re-greased and washer installed. Battery replaced with rechargeable battery tray, charge internally or externally, you’ll need T-8 socket or wrench.
School label on bottom, scratches and haziness on top exterior case. Display doesn’t have noticeable wear or scratches, backlight works and replacement stylus.

Shipping in US is about 12.80

I’m also offering 

MessagePad 130 with clear display instead of non glare, original stylus, in very nice condition except that backlight doesn’t switch on. 20 Mg linear flash included. Make offer off list please

MessagePad 2100
• home brew battery tray conversion for internal charging, 
• home brew acceleration with switch for choosing between stock speed of 160 Mhz and 220 Mhz., 
• original stylus
• 16 MG linear flash
• 24 MG Linear flash
• PCB Man SER-001 serial card installed
* Keyboard and case 
• White backlight
Externally MessagePad is well worn but display shows no noticeable scratches or wear. display cover works but port cover is missing.
Make offer off list please

Keyspan USA-10HS usb/serial adapter with Newton cable. Make offer off list

9W Newton power adapter, Make offer

And a variety of eMate spare parts; case parts, screws, ROM, battery that needs rebuilt, etc for cost of shipping.


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