NTLK Re: MP130 reset problem

From: Mike O'Brien (obrien@leonardo.net)
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 04:28:53 EST

> I have a rather odd problem with my 130 - every time I try to wake it up it
> does a reset. Once the reset is finished it runs fine untill the next time
> I try to wake it.
> My other problem is that the backlight has just stopped
> working - this is basically a new machine. The backlight worked when it was
> first bought - but after being left sitting boxed for over a year (since
> new basically) the backlight would not operate when I started it up again.

        I need to read these things more carefully. I just composed a
multi-page epistle on how to do a soft and a hard reset, and about taking
all the batteries out.

        Only a couple things come to mind beyond that.

        1) After leaving both the main and backup batteries out of it
for a half hour or so, plug in the AC Adapter, without reinserting the
batteries. This apparently triggers a very deep reset in certain models
of Newton.

        2) Check your voltages. NiCd batteries go south when they're about
two years old.

        (Funny thing about that, actually. All models of Newton, when the
reset button is pressed, say "The system reset because the reset button
was pressed." (Subtext: "Duh!") Except an upgraded eMate. You press the
reset button on one of those puppies and you have to recalibrate the pen,
then it says, "The system was reset because all power was removed." What
the heck is _that_ about? Does the eMate reset button just short out the

        It's very possible, I'm afraid, that your Newt hardware has gone
bad while in storage, due to any number of things: transformer rot, failed
component, main board corrosion due to salt air (_all_ Aussies live near
salt air, your country has only one dimension: the coastline), etc.

Mike O'Brien
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