Re: NTLK Overclocking the Newt, More RAM

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 07:38:30 EST

Mark Hobba wrote:

>Has anyone who has overclocked their Newt to 220 MHz actually measured the
>difference in speed?
I did with a small program. I posted the source of it a few days ago.
The gain is 38%. Precision is more or less 1%.
Please note that this is for pure assembly code, i.e. it does not play with
(a) virtual memory & flash memory accesses (b) NewtonScript (c) system

>Does this mean its possible to add extra ram inside the case of an MP2000
>without using a PCMCIA slot?

Well. There are two kinds of memory in our lovely MPs:
memory which is used like disks (internal store, cards)
memory which is used like desktop' rams.
The upgrade only concerns the second kind, and actually consists in the
replacement of two chips. Hence it does not take any room in the case.

Virtual memory unfortunately does not mean that the system will use
disk-like memory for ram-like memory. It just means, alike in MacOS with
CFM architecture, that the code & objects are not loaded into RAM
*entirely* but just partially & on demand, by pages of 4 kb, and can be
released as soon as they are not used anymore. They are uncompressed on the



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