NTLK Can you selectively load packages at start-up?

From: michael-louisville.jones@tricon-yum.com
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 09:14:58 EST

     I have a problem with my 8MB PC card. It all started when I was
     playing around with QuickFigureWorks. I put strings in several cells
     and then made a cell that assembled them.
     I was trying to do some string manipulation - MISTAKE! Like this:
     A1 | B1 | C1 | D1 |
     The | dog | was | fluffy
     Then I made a cell with the contents:
     =A1 & " " & B1 & " " & C1 & " " & D1
     I figured it would concatenate them, right? NO, it said something
     like, "something bad with soup data", (I forgot), and then the eMate
     shut down and restarted.
     When it came back up, it hung on ~HTMLStationary, as it was loading my
     PC card's packages.
     So, I did a reset (had to), and then ejected the card and installed
     the same package on the internal store, so it would not load both (put
     an X over the package). Then I just shoved the card in, and it started
     loading packages again. This worked for ~HTMLStationary.
     Then it hung on GeekSafeNTOP, so I did the same. Fine.
     Then it hung on InternetSetup, so I did the same. Fine
     Then it hung on FreezeUtils, so I did the same. Fine.
     Then it hung on FITALY, so I did the same. Fine.
     Then it hung on the FITALY help package, so I did the same. Fine.
     And so on. (I am still doing it).
     Right now I have SBM utilities working on it. We'll see.
     If I had a current backup, I would just wipe the Flash card and
     restore. But I don't.

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