Re: NTLK HWR Weirdness

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 10:28:49 EST

Hi Chris,

It sounds like you're running into several different issues.

As far as the HWR conversion to text; When you write, write non-stop until
you are finished. The Newton will wait until an apparent pause in your
input to start the HWR conversion. Jerky input will yeild jerky output.

Also, from the behavior of your HWR taking too long, it sounds like you are
running low on heap space. I never let mine get below around 150K. If it
does, all sorts of strange behavior is exhibited. To free up heap space,
freeze some infrequently used packages until heap goes over 150K.

You may also have some background task assigned by some abberant software
running at the same time, which slows down everything. A brain-wipe and
reinstall should fix most stuff. Any software that constantly polls the
machine activity is suspect (TimeMan from StandAlone was the culprit on my

The strange "sqiggles" that happen with ink text rather randomly and the pen
alignment issue is due to, pardon the expression, "crap" stuck between the
screen and the screen frame. The screen is touch sensitive, even on the
edges that are under the screen frame, and "crap" buildup can cause this

One way to deal with this is to take a post-it note, turn the sticky side
toward the screen (down), and slide it (the sticky part) under the screen
frame. Slide it all of the way around the frame (particular attention to
the corners) with the intent of scraping the aforesaid "crap" from the
crack. Repeat the process with the sticky side toward the frame (up). You
may have to do this several times with clean post-it notes to get all or
most of the "crap" out of the crack. Then reset your pen alignment and
you're set, until the "crap" buildup gets bad enough to repeat this
procedure. :)

I hope this helps! Good Luck!



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From: Chris Georges <>
Subject: NTLK HWR Weirdness
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 23:10:31 -0800

For the past few weeks, the HWR on my UMP2K has been sporadically giving me
trouble. I first noticed it as a _long_ pause while writng anything, where
the "bulb" icon would show up at the top of the screen, and nothing I wrote
while the icon was there would appear on the screen -- unless it did, and in
that case, there was no rhyme or reason as to what would translate, and what

A few weeks later, a _really_ weird thing started happening. The HWR
just started going crazy whenever I would touch the screen in a certain way.
(Funny -- I thought only my wife did that. . .)(Just kidding, honey!) It
wouldn't matter how I actually moved my stylus on the touchscreen; I would
get absolute gobbledygook, and I'm not talking about the translation of my
writing; I mean the actual "ink" on the screen, _before_ the HWR translator
kicked in. To give you an idea of how bad it would sometimes get, while it
was having one of its fits, if I drew a straight vertical line, the "ink"
would come out looking like someone's very scary EKG: all jagged and so on.

This only happened in HWR; not when "sketches" was chosen in the HWR
Prefs panel. And there seemed to be no consistency as to when it
happened: hot, cold, just turned on the Newton, running for an hour or
two -- didn't matter. (However, when the fit is upon it, writing v-e-r-y
s-l-o-w-l-y sometimes _seems_ to help.)

So that behavior has continued to this day. A day or two ago, a new
twist: my pen alignment has been thrown off, out of nowhere. I'll go to
correct it, and in a few minutes, it's screwy again. (This only
happened, thank God, a coupla times the other night; so far, no
recurrences of that particular aberration.)

Can anyone help me? _Please_ tell me it's software, and not my

As ever, to the best list on the Net, thanks in advance.


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