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Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 16:00:22 EST

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Subject: Re: NTLK serial cable and printing

>First I have a few Apple Localtalk cables. These are 4 pin mini dins, with
>some 8 pin adapters.
>I'm assuming the appletalk cables everyone refers to are 8 or 9 pin.
>My Epson Stylus has a parallel in AND a 8 pin mini din in. I just thought I
>would be able to run a cable from my dongle to this 8 pin in at the
>8 pin can only be serial, so this should work, shouldn't it?

It would be great if this worked. Unfortunately, it will not. Epson
changed something in their serial protocol (the 8 pint plug) that is
incompatible with the Newton. As a result
you have only two options. Either use Printlink permits one to print
through their PC to virtually any printer
connected to the PC. Or purchase the Newton Print Pack Cable and download
the Epson driver for the
print pack. PrintLink is available from PDADirect. I'm not sure where you
can get the Printer Pack or Epson
driver for it.


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