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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 02:25:37 EST

On 11/24/99 9:20 PM, James Somers [] wrote:

>1. A simple way to create a simple stand alone package that consists of a
>single form and an overview list - basically a flat file database. (speaking
>of which, whatever happened to that Newton version of FileMaker? Did it ever
>make it to a public beta? If it did, does anybody have it backed up on a
>mirror site somewhere?)

There are plenty of databases available for the Newton. I don't know
about their stand-alone capabilities. FileMaker for Newton was never
released, beta or otherwise. Leverage will link to FileMaker, I know.

Search the FAQ for the Newton Comunnity mirror on my site at for database and see if you can find out

>2. A stationary form for the notepad for recipes - this would be a two part
>form with the top part that would have quantity and item list that could be
>increased one ingredient at a time with the bottom part as a standard note
>for instructions. If this isn't available as stationary, does someone have
>this as a package?

Haven't heard of one, but there were one or two stationery design
packages floating around out there. Try seaching the FAQ mentioned
above, or DNUG Newton Versions (

>3) Is there a package that does the same as Microsoft Schedule? That creates
>timeline flowcharts with milestones and allow the tasks to be scheduled to
>the Dates program.

I think there are several. I think BluePrint from Sine Of The Times does
this, not sure. Don't know about their integration with Dates, though.

 - Bill

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