Re: NTLK 2nd try: Wave to Newton Sound Soup???

From: Michael Jones (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 10:25:02 EST

>I was just wondering how one could convert a Windows Wave file to a
>sound Soup usable by the Newton...
>How can this be established? Via NTK?

Most of the people who do this kind of thing don't use WinDOS machines to do it. I believe the tool of choice is ResEdit, which is a free Mac resource editor. It can open up any Mac file and modify the contents of it, including contents of sound files, pictures and text.

I remember some program called "Sound Icons" (?) or something like that, but I think it was a Mac program only. Windows programs/files don't store sounds the same way as Macs. Macs were designed from the ground up to be graphical/multimedia machines.

And NTK is so very complicated that it might take you a long time to figure out how to do such a thing. You could probably find some source code for such, and modify that.

You could take your wav file and convert it to something that the Mac uses, like an AIFF file, and if you have a friend with a Mac, they can take an existing sound package and swap your sound in, using ResEdit. Save the package, and install it on your Newton.

Maybe this is not what you want to hear.

I actually want to do something like this myself, but have not had the time lately, with work and all, to do it. I work for a global fried chicken restaurant company. When my alarm goes off, it is the sound of a chicken cackling ("Bock, Bock, Bock-ow!"). This is quite funny in meetings and such. So I use the AnimalSounds.pkg. But I REALLY don't want the other sounds in the package, just the chicken. (it's actually a hen).

I would like to have the chicken sound, some Star Trek sounds, some X-Files, and maybe a few Simpsons thrown in, and have this be ONE package, called MikesSounds.pkg.
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