NTLK Ericsson DV23v4 PCMCIA modem

From: Rodney Tamblyn (rodney@stonebow.otago.ac.nz)
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 19:01:34 EST

I'm interested in connecting my Newton to an Ericsson cellphone using
the Ericsson DV23v4 PCMCIA card.

I know that some people have successfully used this setup, so it can be done.

According to:


a modem configuration Ericsson-GSM was included in FLASH memory with
N2K. I can't see it on my Newton so I'm assuming it must have been
erased at some point. Can anyone point me to where I can find this
file, or send me a copy as an attachment?

I'd also be interested in any advice on using this card with a
PowerBook G3 (where to obtain drivers etc).

Ericsson web site as useless as ever, their mobile office site
) is down, and the FTP site has no Macintosh or Newton



Rodney Tamblyn
HEDC, 33 Union Street, University of Otago, P.O. Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand
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