Re: NTLK NTLK: Auto Contrast Woes

From: Susan Freeman (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 13:57:00 EST

Periodically I go into the midday sun too and have an erratic and
uncontrollable contrast problem. I put my Newt in the fridge for a couple
minutes and all is well. With AutoLCD it seems a big problem to adjust the
contrast at the same time AutoLCD is trying to cope with the heat of the
direct sun. Outside of the direct sun tho, AutoLCD has been a great asset.
Don't know about Auto Contrast but maybe my experience is of some help --
remember these apps are using ambient temp not available light to make
their corrections.

On Thu, 25 Nov 99 13:12:14 -0800, dsteele wrote:
>Well, I may have over reacted. I was able to get things back after
>several soft resets in a different room, lighting, and temperature. I'm
>not exactly sure what did the trick but I have gone in and removed my
>Auto Contrast settings and will study the app more before I test it again.
>Happy Holidays.
>>I recently installed as set up Auto Constrast on my MP2100. Things have
>>been OK until I just sat in the bright sun while reading email. I made a
>>new Auto Contrast setting and went back to reading. The screen is now
>>readible. I've come inside and tried to get control again in several
>>different lightings without any luck. I've also tried a reset with the
>>same results.
>>I am unable to see anything so that I can go back and fix or turn things

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