Re: NTLK Help, Problem with Newton Book

From: Michael Alan Jones (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 20:14:02 EST

>It's impossible to use Press because it does not
>have a programmatic interface.

Oh, I did not realize what a task you were involved in. On a really big project with lots of custom links, BookMaker would be the only solution. I only make simple books with tables-of-contents and maybe a cover.

>Finally, in spite of how slow Book Maker is (hundreds of times slower
>than the equivalent tools for the Palm), it's more stable than Press in
>my experience.

This is true. I found that it is best to save early, and save very often in Newton Press. I have lost a lot of work due to Press lock-ups (on the WinDO$ version, not the Mac version, which I have had no problems with). I consider Press like a FrontPage for NewtonBooks - easy, but not very configurable, and BookMaker like Visual InterDev - powerful, albeit difficult to master, and not what you use for quick-and-dirty books.

Of course, nowadays, I just do HTML in NewtonWorks or WinDO$ Notepad, since I am familiar with it. I don't have the time to learn how to do things with BookMaker or NewtonScript, I am teaching myself how to play the medieval recorder and how to speak Spanish .
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